About us


About Runlotto

A group of young talented Southeast Asians come together with an idea to bring all-time favourite local number and funfair game to live on your mobile app.

We move from one country to another to learn for the games and culture. We communicate with the local people, research and develop a series of games that suit every Southeast Asians.  We spend time to work with every single detail of the games, aim to give you the best gaming experience to spend your leisure time. Today, we represent you a collection of true Southeast Asian live games, Runlotto.

Sign up with one of our agents and be a part of our community. Stay alive and kicking, live games all the way.

What is Yikee?

Yikee is a fun and live numbering game which allow player to add up any 5 numbers to the pool. Winning numbers are decided by player as well as the amount in the pool. Mini game is available and free prizes are given to the winner.

What is Golden 3D ?

Golden 3D is a live numbering game which provide you a few options to play from 1 digit to 3 digit, you got extra chances to win bigger prizes when playing 3 digit numbers.

What is Funfair Ping Pong ?

Funfair Ping Pong is a popular live game available in local funfair. You get to choose the colour of ping pong ball and the colour ball that first reaches bottom win the prize.

What is Free Jackpot ?

This game is FREE for everyone. Guess the number every round, and win the ultimate jackpot if you are lucky.